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  • Bell's Hopslam

    Too boozy in the second half of the can - maybe because I'm drunk and I bought furniture today. Also Xavier is not covering—by Matthew Scullin


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  • Sip of Sunshine

    Had this after the Heady - strong and sweet. Excellent—by Matthew Scullin


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  • 2SP Bellcracker

    This is what a guy's cum tastes like after he drinks 10 Heady Toppers.—by Matthew Scullin


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  • Heady Topper

    Fucking incredible - just gets better and better and better. The Best!—by Matthew Scullin


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  • La Trappe Quad

    Still as horrible as I remember.—by Matthew Scullin


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  • Conshy Type A

    Welcome Back FOB! Photo courtesy of Henry Lauer. Could not contain the excitement when I picked up my case from Brian on Saturday, February 4th. We drank together. First the Conshy Type A, a sweet IPA, very drinkable and smooth. Then Lauer shared on of his extra Heady Toppers with (cellar temperature but oh so sweet.) Then I had a Guinness and we shared sushi. Those were the last three beers I had until right now. See Brian added a little pint called the flu in my case of 24. As the hare said to the tortoise..."Time to catch up Mother Fucker."—by Matthew Scullin


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